Friday, August 28, 2009

Shh I'm Crashing Outside Lands

So tomorrow marks the beginning of an amazing weekend in San Francisco. The second annual Outside Lands. Aka- huge bands playing in Golden Gate Park over the course of three consecutive days. You'd think, with San Francisco's reputation for being ultra liberal/hippy/earthy, and with the concert slash festival taking place in PUBLIC Golden Gate Park- aaand with Dave Matthews who just for whatever reason seems both liberal and arguably earthy- that this concert would be free. Like the Dave/Santana concert Gili and I went to a million (five) years ago in the park. Except actually it wasn't free now that I think about it. Yeah we snuck in...using one wristband that we used for all of our other friends to get them in too... great times... pretty self-defeating point I just made there...please disregard. What I hope was gleaned from that little story is awe and jealousy at us getting to see both Dave and Santana for free. We are so cunning. Cunning is a great word. Underrated word. I plan to use it more often over the course of this blog nonsense. Anyway, point being- there is absolutely no reason why any nature-loving, messenger bag-with-Obama-pins-toting (see picture), barefoot San Franciscan should have to pay a cent to see Dave, the Black Eyed Peas (rand), Pearl Jam (awesome!), or Jack Black (Tenacious D- hilar. Wonderboy? What I would give...) It is with this conviction, entirely without base, that I plan on crashing said event. Starting...tomorrow. It is a PARK. I will disguise myself. Somehow. Or I will dig a hole. I haven't decided which yet. I will let you know tomorrow. 

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