Tuesday, August 11, 2009

hey, kids

First post ever. I feel pseudo-awkward...do I adjust my familiar journal tone and adopt a more formal, censored writing style in response to a virtual, potentially ego-crushingly judgmental audience? How do I begin each 'entry'? I do feel this could be an intensely awkward process. Or maybe I'm giving this too much thought. But seriously though, what is the proper blog...etiquette? Is that even the right word? Do I go with "Hey guys" or "What up"?. Yeah no. Unfortunately, I'm going through a strangely random and unprecedented phase in which I involuntarily address everyone as "kids". My sister, parents, friends (both male and female), cousins, my grandma (it happened only once and it was in a text I meant to send to my uncle). I don't know how it happened, how it has endured, or why I keep doing it when its application is repeatedly met with unbridled displays of rage and hostility from its recipients. I mean I'm only trying to embrace the unisex here. I feel the word equalizes and has great potential for becoming a more mainstream form of greeting. "Hey, kid" -could be in reference to a guy or a girl? You don't know! It's safe. It's neutral. It's annoying as shit but I love it.

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