Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A.D.D and love for my Mac!

Can I just say...truly this whole job searching nonsense is slowly driving me insane. I keep reading article after article about how 2009 was "the worst year to graduate". It's like...awesome. Why did I not scour Craigslist or MediaBistro earlier in my college career?? Why did I not work on my resume obsessively to have a solid draft ready until this summer? What the fuck have I been doing with my life?? No but honestly, I really have been working non-stop at this. I mean, my beautiful new computer may or may not help significantly. [I am literally OBSESSED with this thing, it's getting to be a bit of a has Sticky Notes! I LOVE the Sticky Notes! And crossing out lists- one of the most rewarding feelings ever...] It's not just that the keyboard lights up at night (like it is right now as I type...oh it's so cute!), or that it is light enough to toss into my bag and carry around (much to my sister's horror)- probs not the safest bet...or even that, unlike my former piece-of-crap 1906 Mac from the Stone Age, my thousands of pictures and songs (which were the first to be uploaded minutes after the official unveiling/unpacking of the laptop) do not thwart the installation and usage of Microsoft Word. Oh wait and it has PhotoBooth. Ohh, PhotoBooth. This could be bad news bears. Wait I went WAY off topic...oh A.d.d...

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