Monday, September 21, 2009

Mad Hot Advertising...Draper why are you not a real person

don draper. 

honestly this man could say anything and i'd believe it. 
exhibit A: "this never happened. it will shock you how much this never happened." What does that even mean?? Exactly. This means nothing. If some rand said this to me I would stare blankly and allow the awkwardness to sear through their soul as justifiable punishment for such an inane comment. This would not be out of cruelty, rather, it would simply serve as a  reflection of the community service worker in me [...deep, deep down] through a hypothetical attempt to enlighten a less fortunate individual through shame.  
Coming from Don Draper, on the other hand, this comment makes perfect sense. Too much sense. 
If the advertising industry resembles anything close to Jon Hamm's physical flawlessness, count me in. 
So in retrospect (5 seconds ago) that was a severely lacking metaphor and I may or may not have just confused myself. More to the point: 
Don Draper: you are so ridiculously good-looking.
Pete Campbell: you are a shit. but you are also illogically hot. this both frustrates and pains me.
Advertising: don't know if this is the industry for me but if it involves the regular presence of attractive assholes basking in the alcohol-infused glory of their creative labors as depicted in Mad Men, then  I'm sold. 
Case in point:
How can I make this my world. Now. 

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